Labor & Birth

Creating a nurturing space for a peaceful and empowered birth

Taos Mountain Doula Varela

Labor and birth is a unique, individual, sacred experience.

No one can predict how your labor and birth will unfold and we will be by your side to support you through the entire ceremony.

I look forward to working with you and your growing family!
Please call me, Rachel Mayente-Varela to schedule a free consultation.


Taos midwife collaboration

 – Kind Words –

We were so lucky to have Rachel. She was supportive, not just during labor but through all the before and after details, that were equally as crazy. I love how she was so accepting of all of our choices, from traditional to non-traditional, holistic to modern, whatever we wanted, her only objective was supporting us in the birth we wanted.

I am most grateful to her for the support after the birth, she really helped keep me together through all of the emotions.

My labor took some unexpected twists and turns, and Rachel was there to reassure all our decisions. 

After we were home she was a constant support. As a new mom I had a million of questions from a stuffy nose, to what was okay to eat, and everything in between. She answered each concern with care and attention, and made sure I had the support I needed for my health, and the health of our new baby. It was, and is, invaluable knowing Rachel is just a phone call away.

Here we are 7 months later and she still checks on us and showers our son with love. She has gone above and beyond what I expected and we hope to have her at our side for the next one!

-Cassandra R.

Rachel is incredible! My labor was very long she was present through it all. Her eyes were so grounding and her words soothing and supportive. She was also wonderful during prenatal and postnatal care.

Rachel is so knowledgeable. All her giftsmassage, yoga, homeopathic care, and being an incredible cookmake her just perfect for this kind of work!”

-Tuesday F.